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After decades of working locally and internationally as professional models, the pattern we noticed was a lack of trusted guidance, honest information and attainable knowledge on how to safely and effectively navigate the modeling industry. 

With an absence of quality branding solutions and health education for, not only models but for all women, we at Runway Unlimited decided to bridge the gap. 

Our mission at Runway Unlimited is to provide premium coaching services and valuable strategies for women worldwide to up-level their mindset and own their confidence, health and wealth.


Kim began her modeling career as a young girl in Ottawa, Canada. At the age of 17, she moved to Paris where she worked for the following 10 years throughout Europe and North America. Kim continued her career in fashion as a model scout and agency owner, developing some of the best talent in Canada. As an agent, Kim developed the careers of hundreds of models, helping them to focus on their goals and achieve results through dedication, consistency, and professionalism. Kim continues to work as a professional model with top brands in Canada.


Maddie is a professional model and Fitness and Nutrition Coach with her BA in Athletic Development and Health. She began her career as a young child working as a model in fashion shows, TV segments and photo shoots. At the age of 18, Maddie moved to Milan where she spent her time working with Stella McCartney’s premiere collaboration with Adidas. From there, she remained in the modeling industry while pursuing her academic studies. Maddie continues to work as a model in Toronto, Montreal and Europe as well as developing new talent and coaching them to success in a healthy, sustainable way.

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