Mind Your Biz
​Mastermind Weekend

​​Boston, MA
November 4&5 2023

A strategic entrepreneurship weekend for women. 
Mind Your Biz is about learning the HOW's of monetization and leveraging your unique expertise in today's competitive business world.

R.U. Unlimited Event

​Ottawa, ON 
​Saturday Jan 27, 2024

​Full day of personal branding, business strategies and owning the room.

Keynote Speaking

Own The Room | Workshop

This workshop-style presentation gets the audience on their feet and puts them in the spotlight. Kim & Maddie use the catwalk as a tool to infuse confidence, conviction in self, and empowerment in personal presence. 

Keynote Serves Leaders & Teams Who Are:
- Looking for innovative ways to break out of their comfort zones 
- Those who are being held back by a lack of confidence 

Audience Will Leave With:

- The strength to walk into every room with absolute power
- Physiological energetic breakthrough
- Overcome limiting beliefs in personal abilities
- Tools to carry themselves with true confidence

Hope Is Not A Strategy | Business

Using their extensive experience as successful multi-business owners, Kim & Maddie educate the audience on their unique framework of action. With humor, a humble nature and no-hype delivery, Kim & Maddie share their knowledge from a place of value and integrity. 

Keynote Serves Leaders & Teams Who Are:

- Running businesses or leading people

- Struggling with motivation or time management 
- Scaling their business

Audience Will Leave With:
- Organizational skills & time management mastery

- Tools for maintaining momentum 

- Personalized Daily Method of Operation 

- Clarity on next steps & expansion

You Are Your Brand | Marketing

As life-long professional models, Kim & Maddie have a unique lens into personal branding. From understanding the value of your image to monetization opportunities, this keynote uncovers your unique value and find your zone of genius.

Keynote Serves Leaders & Teams Who Are:

Running businesses or leading people

- Building a brand online

Audience Will Leave With:

- Certainty in business & brand

- Social media strategy

- Adjusting to today's marketing trends

Streamlining sources of income 

Hire Maddie & Kim 

For all speaking and inquiries, please contact Kim & Maddie at contact@runwayunlimited.com.

3 Reasons We Chose to Build 
a Health & Wellness Network Marketing Business

To Create Next-Level Businesses

Health & wellness is a 4.25 trillion dollar industry and is expanding every year. By aligning with the right company that has clinically proven products & systems with a global reach, you can help people all over the world find the solutions they're searching for. 
Think of this, by working in a traditional 9-5 job you are effectively spending your time making someone else's dreams come true and trading time for money. Whether you choose to partner with us part-time or full-time, it is our job to show you what is possible.

Time & Financial Freedom

Most people, down deep, long to live a life on their terms. To be rewarded in the work they do both emotionally and financially, but most don't know how to get there.
By choosing to partner with us, we will teach you how to create more freedom of choice and become location independent. Imagine this: time to stay home with your family, travel the world, additional income to pay off student loans, credit card debt, or even to re-invest for your future. There has never been a better time to build financial freedom.

To Create Wealth Independence 

This looks different for everyone. Combining financial literacy with the ability to work when you want, with whom you want, doing what you love everyday, this is the perfect recipe for living a rich & rewarding life. When you work with us, you will gain access to free mentorship and proven strategies to build momentum in your business. 

Learning the vital difference between residual and linear income is a key piece to creating financial and wealth independence. 
This is what we do.

 "If you don't learn to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

-Warren Buffett

Upcoming Events: 

Mind Your Biz
Mastermind Weekend

A women's only business retreat to learn the "how's" of monetization and leveraging your unique expertise in today's competitive business world.!
April 1 & 2 2023
Boston, MA

What you'll build:

  • Customized Business Blueprint
  •  Lead Generation Tools
  • Social Media Proficiency
  • 2023 Personal Action Plan
  • Lasting Friendships & Community

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We are a global movement of thousands of women creating freedom of choice for ourselves and our families.  We are Team Legacy. 

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