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In the pulsating world of fashion, where glamor and creativity intertwine, we often encounter individuals whose journey through the industry is as unique as the garments they adorn. Our spotlight falls on a remarkable figure, a fashion model turned entrepreneur, whose roots in the fashion realm...

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5 Things to Look for in Brand Partners

Affiliate Marketing has grown 300% in the last 5 years.
 Here are 5 boxes you want a company or brand to check before deciding to partner.

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How to Energize Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is about how you leave people feeling when you walk out the door.
 There's a lot of chatter about - personal branding - these days. Kim and Maddie are here to share that your “brand” has always and will always surpass social media.
 In our Model Masterclass we dive into...

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Female Intuition in Business
Every being has both masculine and feminine energies. The business world tends to move us all toward the masculine. This is not a bad thing, but it is important to recognize when we feel unbalanced or off. When we, as women, are in the process of chasing our dreams; building something that’s ours, ...
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Landing a Brand Deal Workbook

In this workbook, we will explore the strategies and steps to successfully establish brand partnerships on social media. Collaborating with brands can not only provide you with exciting opportunities but also help you monetize your online presence. So let's dive in and begin the journey towards secu...

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Simple Content Strategy: The Social Media Wheel

Here is our Framework for simple social media content strategy.

Showing up consistently on social isn’t always easy, but look at it this way: YOU are the content
Here’s how it works:
Come up with 5 areas of your life that encompass who you are, and rotate through them so your audience gets to know t...

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Calendar Organization & Time Management
If it’s not in your calendar…it’s not happening 1. Non-negotiables 2. Priorities 3. Space for More
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The Changing Landscape of Modeling

Social Media is changing the business of modeling. Here is what you need to know in order to evolve with the times.

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The Right Investments for New Models
Where you should be putting you initial time and money investments when starting in the Modeling Industry.
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Celebrate Yourself
Interviewed by the incredible Annie Mayfield, Maddie dives into the courage to be different, learning to celebrate yourself, and how to balance wearing different hats in your life.
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